th-2BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST (1941) with Walter Pidgeon & Marsha Hunt

Although she had made a color test a year earlier, this is the first time audiences would glimpse Greer and her gorgeous red hair in Technicolor. Journalists often described her hair color as burnt orange, but it was actually red. Growing up, Greer hated having red hair and dreamed of changing it. She wanted to dye it raven black, but she realized her original natural hair was custom made for Technicolor. It became a source of pride for her, especially when she met fans in public.

The actress earned her second Oscar nomination for her work in BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST. It was the first time she had played a mother on screen. This film began her illustrious association with frequent costar Walter Pidgeon. They would make nine pictures together at MGM.

th-5WHEN LADIES MEET (1941) with Joan Crawford & Robert Taylor

Next, Greer starred with Joan Crawford in MGM’s WHEN LADIES MEET. Robert Taylor once again played the romantic lead. It was a remake of an earlier MGM hit, and Greer was assigned Ann Harding’s old role.

At this point, audiences were becoming more familiar with Greer as a movie presence.  Mr. Mayer was carefully casting her in productions with other big-name stars to increase the likelihood of her appearing in hits and to ensure that she is developing a following.  But at this point in the game, the fact remains that the studio is making pictures that feature Greer Garson.  Of course, soon all of that would change, and MGM would be making Greer Garson pictures.

Tomorrow: the role of a lifetime; and a monumental award…


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